O’Malley-Brady Realty has been serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island for nearly 50 years. The business was founded by Irene O’Malley, a well-respected expert in the field, in 1964. O’Malley-Brady is a local, family run business that prides itself on personalized service.

Their superior customer service skills and ability to find homes specifically tailored to the needs of each client puts them above competitors. The company’s promise of offering “personalized, not franchised” service guarantees that clients are provided with the individual attention that they deserve.


O’Malley- Brady Realty is now a distributor of Epoch fine, custom modular homes! Work with us to custom design your dream home. Choose everything from the style of your home to customized interior finishes. Bring us your ideas and we’ll work with you to help make your ideal home a reality.

Why choose Epoch? Their modular homes are superior to the common site-built homes. Since they are primarily built in a factory, you save money, time, and avoid weather delays that slow down the building process. Also, Epoch homes lead in energy efficiency and green building to make your home both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Check out their website to browse custom home plans and learn more! http://www.epochhomes.com